Lineup Tournaments and Events LLC

Columbus, OH, USA

"Thanks for hosting a well organized event yesterday at Hermitage Strikes and Spare. It was Kaden's first such event and he really enjoyed it."

Ralph Yarborough - Bowler Parent

Murfreesboro, TN

"This was an amazing event. It was well organized and I love the fact that students at a young ages are asking the correct questions before choosing which school to go to. 

You did an outstanding job having a guess speaker and giving her the opportunity to share her experience as a college student and athlete in the collegiate bowling world. 

Last, the tournament was well set up, Gave coaches opportunity to see the future of Collegiate Bowling and the promise of the future of Bowling 

Thanks again for allowing Ohio State to be apart of a great organize event.  Looking forward to doing it again"

Quincy A. Walker

Ohio State University, OH

"The staff were hands-on, helpful, and did everything they could to make the experience beneficial for the schools and the bowlers. It was a great event, and a great way to meet bowlers."

Sydney Renner

Northern Kentucky University, KY

"This inaugural bowling event for Lineup Tournaments and Events, was outstanding. To have athletes from 5 different states, varying talent levels, tons of different degrees made it a great opportunity for any college as there were fits for all of us. The meet and greet portion of the event was great, we talked to many great athletes, and we found athletes that will be a great fit at Clarke. Getting to watch the athletes compete after the meet and greet, and on a tough shot, allowed us coaches to see how the athletes respond to adversity, and what there true attitudes are like. It was an exciting day, and I look forward to attending their next event."

Andrew Gonner

Clarke University, IA

The meet and greet aspect of the Columbus, OH event was the biggest draw for me.  For two solid hours my table was 2-3 deep of those interested in KWC!  Moving to a Sunday event would allow the multisport athletes an opportunity to participate, thereby increasing possible participation.  Great future contacts made from an area that I had not been.  Will be back in this area again yearly and participating in the events.

Scott Thompson

Kentucky Wesleyan University, KY

"What a great event very well organized in all aspects. Kids where ready for the coach’s with plenty of questions.I had a blast and made plenty of new contacts."

Tim Fraser

Ancilla College, IN

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