event types


showcase events

Our Showcase Events are heavily focused on recruiting and is "the best bang for your buck" 
Using our uniquely organized 
Event Strategy  
  1. This event maximizes the athlete's exposure to college coaches throughout all aspects of the event.
  2. We educate athletes and parents on the recruiting process prior to the event, so you can put your best foot forward.
  3. This event is structured to help you make the highest quality connections possible
  4. We will help guide you through the most important and critical step - Follow-up 
These events consist of two parts
  1. Uniquely organized Meet and Greet Session with top college coaches from across the country.
  2. Tournament uniquely organized to get your athlete maximum exposure
These events are open to
7th thru 12th Grades


Partnership events

Partnership Events are where we have teamed up with local travel leagues and tournaments. They are more focused on the tournament and will have a lighter version of our college meet and greet sessions.  
These events are excellent ways to start getting connected with college coaches or they can be used as a followup to a Showcase event. College coaches like it when they can see their recruit compete in different venues before they make offers to the athlete.
These events are designed to give athletes more opportunities to get in front of college coaches.
These events consist of two parts as well
  1. Light version of Showcase Meet and Greet Session with coaches from across the country.
  2. A tournament organized by our local partner.
These events are open to
9th thru 12th Grades


bowling clinics

This unique Clinic is focused around what it's like to bowl in college and how best to prepare for college bowling. 
This 3/4 day clinic is taught by Current or Former College Coaches. 
Event is open to Boys and Girls grades 7 thru 12.
Details and Topics:
  • Includes classroom time and on lane instruction
  • 5:1 ratio (5 bowlers to 1 coach)
  • Typically the event runs 10am-4pm
  • Lunch is included
  • Video analysis
  • Analyze bowler's game using Specto Ball Tracker
  • Bowlers will receive a take home workbook
  • Topics covered:
    • Expectations of a college bowler
    • What it is like to bowl on a college team
    • Physical conditioning strategies
    • Ball motion​
    • Equipment check
    • Lane conditions
    • Tournament Strategies used by college coaches
    • Power of the Mental Game
    • ...and more...
There are many advantages to this event. One being personal instruction by college coaches. The second being the opportunity to make a quality connection with college coaches.
These events are open to
7th thru 12th Grades